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If you are looking for cutting-edge information from an ethical, reliable source and wish to continue your training into the application of Vastu, Level II – Practitioners Training Course is for you. Level II is a twelve lesson course lead by two of the masters of Vastu Shastra worldwide, Michael and Robin Mastro. You will receive an accurate, comprehesive education in techniques, research, and tools from experts who make their living brining the best of Vastu to people around the world.
This course is preceded by Level I and both are prerequisites for the Level III Affiliate Certification weekend in Southern California.

  • Aseem J, Computer Engineer - Jersey City, NJ
    Thank you for having this wonderful course level and having it available online. It was very helpful to learn more about Vastu. Am looking forward for the Level III.
  • Mohan J, Petroleum Engineer - Houston, TX
    I have enjoyed the course and learned a lot.
  • Patricia R, Architect - Guadalajara, MX
    The more I read, the more convinced I am of what a great science this is. I’m really grateful for your teachings.
  • Sandra S, Yoga Therapist - Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada
    Thank you for this course, I am looking forward to the third level.
  • Sandy Young
    This is a very extensive training, with lots of details presented. Thank you so much for your knowledge!
  • Edith V, architect - Queluz, Portugal
    As an architect you allowed me to be more confident in my work. Thank you for this. I enjoyed listening to Michael who brings so much peace. I enjoyed listening to Robin for the joy that...
  • Joelle St. J, artist - San Rafael, CA
    The lessons are very valuable to me as I continue to absorb and apply the Vastu teachings, they are many layered and complex! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Michael and Robin, I love you guys so much!!!
  • Karen A, Ayurvedic Practitioner - Seattle, WA
    Best training ever! I learned a lot and realize that there is A LOT more for me to learn. What a fascinating science. Thank you!
  • Paul S, Builder - Gitarama, Rwanda
    The course is made simple and easy to follow. The exercises were well chosen to enhance the understanding. I was particularly delighted to assess the correctness of my lot and house and suggest remedies as they apply. Many thanks to Michael and Robin for their gorgeous work!
  • Karin A, artist/massage therapist - Dallas, TX
    I loved learning all the material.This work seems to be a perfect fit for me as it includes spirituality, art, beauty, energy, and making a difference for people. I am so glad that you have developed this way to study Vastu
  • Kako O, - Osaka, Japan
    Thank you very much for this wonderful course. Looking forward to the Level III course in person! New slogan: Everyone "has to" do Vastu!
  • Jelena T, Economist - Lloret De Mar, Spain
    Very interesting and usefull course!!!


In the Practitioners Course: Theory and Techniques for Balancing Homes and Offices, you will learn about:

* learn how the planets associated with the eight directions influence your life
* engage in techniques that implement eleven types of Vastu corrections
* gain knowledge to balance home interior and exterior influences through yantra technology
* be trained to understand and implement corrections for workplace environmental stress
* experience energetic shifts through space clearing techniques
* understand and apply the principles of altars in the Vedic tradition to support manifestation for yourself and your clients
* learn about the connection between Vastu and Ayurveda and how environmental imbalances create physical illness
* experience the connection between Vastu and Jyotish, Vedic astrology, their connection to your destiny
* survey a property for environmental imbalance
Schedule: Twelve lessons will be offered via web-based learning. There will be some homework assignments as part of Level II training which can be filled out online or scanned/emailed into the AIV offices. A quiz will be given at the end of each lesson before moving onto the next lesson.
Each lesson focuses on different qualities of Vastu learning:

Qualities of the Eight Directions
Planetary Influences
Eleven Types of Vastu Corrections – structural, behavioral, function, furnishings, five elements, color, mirrors, plants, pictures, tools, virtual
Exterior Vastu Corrections
Interior Vastu Corrections
Office Corrections
Placement of Yantras
Correcting Geopathic Stress
Environmental Space Clearing and Altars
Ayurveda – Vastu and Health
Jyotish – Vastu and Astrology
Surveying a property
Course availability: The course is available NOW! Once you have completed Level I you are invited to register for Level II. You can take it at your own pace for a truly individualized learning experience.

Completion of Level I – Vastu Shastra: Basic Principles Introductory Course
Operate with high levels of integrity and impeccability
Engaged in a spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, or Vedic breathing
Sign a non-competition agreement – here’s what the agreement says: Non-Competition Agreement: I understand that any benefit derived from this course depends upon the extent of my participation. I therefore accept full responsibility for the outcome and I willingly agree to follow all instructions and to participate fully. I understand the importance of preserving the purity of this knowledge and therefore, I agree that I will not merge this information into another practice, discipline, or philosophy, or create a new discipline, or that I will train others to become practitioners. I also agree that I will not duplicate or copy the content of the training except for my personal use. I understand I can use the wisdom learned within Level I and Level II to support myself, friends and family but because I am not certified (which comes after the Level III training and requirements are completed), I cannot charge a fee for my time or knowledge. I fully understand I must be certified by Vastu Creations, LLC and The American Institute of Vastu, through the successful completion of the Practitioners Training Course (Level II) and the Affiliate Certification Course (Level III), to practice and charge for on-site Vastu consulting as a business and/or service.
Requirements: Level II – Practitioners Course: Theory and Techniques for Balancing Your Homes and Offices will be offered via web-based learning. In order to participate in the course, you will need the following:

Completed Application and Registration Form
Payment in full
Computer and Printer
Windows Media for PC users or QuickTime for Mac users
Microsoft Word and Excel
Ability to view PDF files
Access to the internet
3-Ring binder
Access to a scanner or hand-held device (to take a picture) for submitting homework

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  1. Amazing Experience


    The course is extremely concise and the concepts are explained in a simplified manner. Its also a great idea to hang onto every sentence being spoken, for the simple reason that every word spoken contains immense knowledge , insight and wisdom. The meditation exercises are awesome as well. This, combined with the weekly Qand A live sessions, forms a powerful learning tool. While doing the course, I got the feeling that not only does the course offer information about transforming and balancing space, but also contributes in bringing about meaningful transformation within the student as well. Michael is a formidable and gentle mentor who can show you what you have been missing all your life. Just like Morpheus in the Matrix, he will show you how to see everything as an energy flow, a reality most of us have chosen to ignore. The course truly injects fresh life into the knowledge of the ancients. Thank you once again.

  • $1,500.00

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