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Level III focuses on review, expanded knowledge and training leading to practitioner certification. It is offered to anyone who has successfully completed Level I and II. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Vastu Practitioner, to complete your training, you will be required to engage in the online course as well as the completion of submitting three written residential consultations and one office/commercial consultation. All consultations should include the written analysis, visual diagram, and the percentage of compliancy analysis for your clients. Consultations must be submitted for review and approved prior to certification. A one hour conference call with Michael is included for review and critique of the submissions.
This in-depth training ensures your success and the success of your clients. It also guarantees that your clients receive the most comprehensive, accurate and professional Vastu consultations available on the planet.
  • Karin A, artist/massage therapist - Dallas, TX
    I loved learning all the material.This work seems to be a perfect fit for me as it includes spirituality, art, beauty, energy, and making a difference for people. I am so glad that you have developed this way to study Vastu
  • Jelena T, Economist - Lloret De Mar, Spain
    Very interesting and usefull course!!!
  • Kako O, - Osaka, Japan
    Thank you very much for this wonderful course. Looking forward to the Level III course in person! New slogan: Everyone "has to" do Vastu!
  • Atul B, Computer Programer - Morgan Hill, CA
    Level III course exceded my expectations. Michael and Robin blessed us with Vastu knowledge and empowered us with strength and wisdom to help the world.
  • Edith V, architect - Queluz, Portugal
    As an architect you allowed me to be more confident in my work. Thank you for this. I enjoyed listening to Michael who brings so much peace. I enjoyed listening to Robin for the joy that...
  • Lalitha B, Genetics Researcher & Professor at University of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN
    Thank you! I loved every minute!
  • Lucy B, Senior Design Manager, Starbucks - Seattle, WA
    This course was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was just perfect!
  • Geetika S, Realtor - Woodbury, NJ
    It was a soul touching experience. I loved everything about the course.
  • Gracia M, yoga teacher - Northfield, MN
    Robin and Michael have created a wonderful program. They are able to teach students to apply Vastu principals in a practical way without compromising this sacred knowledge
  • Suzanne H, Sales Rep. - Scottsdale, AZ
    I recommend working with Michael and Robin. The provide complete support to become a Vastu Consultant. Their motivation is to make the world a better, stress-free place. Michael is the most accomplished master of Vastu in the West.
  • Steve O, Compliance Officer, US Army - St. Petersburg, FL
    Studying this ancient knowledge with Michael and Robin has been very rewarding and an eye-opening experience.
  • Kimi N, Interior Designer - Newfield, NY
    Robin and Michael are the source for educating others about Vastu and continuing the lineage. Both have such a wealth of knowledge. I am grateful to have found them!
  • Patricia Roldan, architect - Guadalajara, MX
    I found the entire course to be very useful in my work as an architect and my clients have definitely felt the positive influence of Vastu in their homes and offices. This was a great addition to my work.
  • Tara G, HR Consultant - Calgary, CA
    The results of living in harmony with nature are tremendous… the vitality, energy and joy of a balanced life has entered us and our space. This experience and these choices have allowed for me to open time and energy to focus on my work as a Vastu Practitioner and I feel this newly balanced life and way of being will empower me to be in greater service to my clients.
  • Maria G, accountant - Nutely, NJ
    I am honored to have received these beautiful teaching from a true Master, Michael Mastro.

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